Creation and the Gods

It begins with two brothers, Ivahn and Otheran, who were beings of immense power that traveled the universe together. They were close, and enjoyed each others company until the day came when they came across Eva, the Mother Goddess, who was a being of incredible beauty. Both brothers were smitten by her and sought her hand in marriage.

Eva was flattered by the attention, and liked both brothers equal, but neither had captured her heart. So the Goddess decided she would leave as to not come between the two. But the brothers had other plans. They had decided that Eva leaving would be more terrible than losing her to the other, so they sought a way to keep her from departing.

Ivahn gathered his power and created a world and covered it with beauty; tall majestic mountains, flowing rivers, seas of grass and massive forests dotted the landscape. The Goddess Eva was quite captured by the beauty before her and called the world Itock. Otheran, while impressed by his brother’s creation, just laughed at his foolishness. Wielding his own power, he created the stars, moons, sun and heavens; covering the world in an internal light. And with this gift of light he put upon the world simple creatures to entertain Eva. But the two had never used their powers in this capacity, and the wild energies accidentally created what are now known as the Old Gods, beings of things such as Earth and Water. These being fled to the world and hid within it.

As much as Eva enjoyed the world the brothers created, she still wished for more company. So the bothers decided to make children for her. Ivahn first created a daughter, named Corelian, with beauty modeled after her mother. He next set out to make a strong, loyal son to be named Mudan. However, he lost control of his powers during the process. And while Mudan had those qualities, he was short of stature. Embarrassed by this creation, he ‘gifted’ Mudan with mountains of and sent him to live beneath them.

Otheran followed his brother’s lead and made both a son and daughter. His daughter he named Daena and her beauty was rival of her sister’s. After seeing her, Ivahn knew his nephew would be all he hoped Mudan would be, so when his brother sent out to make a son, he secretly wove his magic in counter to his bothers. So while the final child Orcumm was large and strong, he was covered with thick, green skin and a face that could be described as hideous. Despite his looks, Otheran embraced his son unlike Ivahn.

Of course children, even the divine, can be rather needy. And so the three young Gods begged their fathers for gifts. After enough of their begging and pleading, they broke down and worked their magic again. Corelian was gifted with the first race, now known only as the Forest Folk, carefree and full of joy like her. For Daena the beautiful and playful Fae were created. And for Orcumm, the strong and cunning Orcan were named after. These races were placed upon the world and for a time everything was at peace.

But with creation of worlds done, Ivahn and Otheran once again began to clash over Eva. Despite the Mother Goddess’ protest that she loved neither of them, the brothers would not listen. They set off to the highest peak on Itock and there began a battle to the death. As the battle raged, Eva could take no more of this foolishness, so she gathered her children to stop the two brothers. A battle quickly unfolded and the unrestrained magic of the Gods rained down upon the world. But despite their combined might, the others could not overthrow Ivahn and Otheran. Now angered at their children and Eva, the brothers turned their rage upon Itock. Unrestrained magic rained down upon the world, tearing apart the landscape. This magic seeped into the very core of Itock forever changing it. Saddened at the wanton destruction, Eva gathered her own magic and performed a powerful ritual. Knowing she could not defeat them, she instead trapped the brothers in a magical prison. With the battle over, Eva surveyed the carnage wrought by the brothers and cried. Her tears fell upon the world, healing the damage done to the land. While the tears eventually stopped, the Mother Goddess was no where to be seen. Thus ended the time of the Elder Gods.

Creation and the Gods

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