The Gods

The Elder Gods

Eva, the Mother Goddess
Corelian, Goddess of the Elves
Mudan, God of Smiths and Dwarves

Daena, the Mad Goddess
Also known as the Goddess of the Fae, Daena spends much of her time roaming the world. While always considered a “litle odd”, after the majority of her precious Fae where exterminated from Itock she she lost what little sanity she had. She enjoys interfering with lives of mortals and impersonating people to send hapless adventures on mad quests. While her followers risk facing her wrath if they displease her, the rewards and gifts she bestows upon her favorites are worth that risk.

Orcumm, God of the Orcs
Savage and angry, Orcumm demands strict obedience from his followers. After being betrayed by his own sister, Orcumm became rather recluse. He is pleased by the destruction of other races, which his followers are are too willing to comply with. Very few creatures outside of orcs and goblin kind follow the word of Orcumm.

The Young Gods

Huthor, God of Battle and Peace
Huthor is the defender of peace. Noble, honest, and proud, he is the example of ‘good’ for all. He sees himself as the personal defender of the world, always looking to thwart evil before it starts. Despite this, he is never hesitant to punish those he feels are not worth of Itock.

His followers are as passionate as him. They are the champions of the weak and destroyers of evil. However, it is important to note that they don’t hesitant to bear arms in order to defend this ideal. He is a common deity for paladins and other champions of good to rally behind. The official temple is very organized and keeps its members on a strict code.

Marias, Goddess of Nature
Marias is best described as aloof. She generally is not concerned with the happenings of the world. The Goddess rarely forms any opinions herself, instead going with the majority of the other Gods. The only time this varies is when it involves the natural beauty of Itock. As the patron of nature, Marias is fiercely protective of forests, plains, lakes, and even deserts. Those who bring harm to her realms will see the teeth of the otherwise peaceful Goddess.

Her religion is the least organized of tall the Gods; the followers of Marias consider the great outdoors their temple rather than behind stone walls. A few temples have sprung up in isolated places by the occasional priest, but the generally fall into disrepair after the priest moves on. Mostly followers worship at small shrines they have built in magical places.

Lurano, Goddess of War and Destruction
Considered evil by some, Lurano is a Goddess who revels in her emotions. That emotion generally is an unquenchable lust for battle. Quick to act with little planning, she is somewhat of an outcast amongst the pantheon.

Though She doesn’t directly condone evil acts, many of her followers perform them in her name. Lurano’s worshipers are generally fierce warriors; she is particularly favored by barbarians. While the occasional hero will call at her name in the thrill of battle, most followers are fanatics; they are too dedicated to destruction and slaying their foes to be considered champions of good.

Graues, God of the Sea and Weather
Graeus is a God who loves being a God. With control of the world’s oceans and weather, He gets many a prayer from a desperate follower in their time of need. Unfortunately for them, Graeus is know to change is opinions on his followers at the toss of a coin. Those that truly upset or fail him face his terrible anger.

No sailor ever leaves port without giving a prayer and offering to the fickle Graues. Next to seafarers, the God also is favored by small farming communities and ports that rely on the seas for wealth. His tmple has no organization, but his priests are easily found and always willing to accept offerings to their God.

Sepenes, God of Travel and Merchant
One of the most worshiped Gods due to the fact many people make him an offering before travel, Sepenes doesn’t have much in the way of formal temples. One is more likely to find a shrine on the side of the road, but large cities and trade route stops have small temples that merchants visit regularly.

Thelonia, Goddess of Balance, Knowledge and History
Keeper of knowledge for all the world, Thelonia is a quiet Goddess. She very rarely gets involved in world affairs; some even doubt she exists due to her hands off approach. Despite that, if a situation arises that would throw the world in total chaos, Thelonia will step in to try and restore the balance

Worshiped by few, she is favored by monks and some paladins. Her followers are generally level headed and tend to remain in the background of events. The monks of the Temple of Time are devote followers. They are the keepers of history for all of Itock.

Emae, Goddess of Lust, Song, Wine, and the Night

Harames the Trickster, God of Luck and Thieves

Eiya, God of Life and Magic
Aiya, Goddess of Death and Magic
Commonly referred to the twin Gods, Eiya and his sister Aiya share a Temple. Next to a Temple of All Gods, theirs is the most common seen in towns and villages. This is due to the ceremony of life most Men go through at birth. The temple also deals with corpse preparation. The two are also favored by mages as they gifted man with magic. Their priest are separated into two different churches.

The church of Eiya are healers, taking care of sick patrons no matter who they may be. Many in their order travel from place to place, offering their magic to those who need it. Those that stick to the temples often explore new applications of clerical magic to help people. Outside the church, there are dedicated followers of Eiya that form an elite group of battlepriests.

The church of Aiya explores the realm of death. They are more secretive than their other half; their main dealings outside temples is dealing with preparing the dead. They also study necromancy, unlocking its darkest secrets. The order is very strict however, and those that break the rules are often thrown out or worse. Outside the church, Aiya is often worshiped by necromancers and those obsessed with death.

The Gods

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