Age of Kingdoms

1: The Age of Kingdoms begins when war breaks out within the Empire. The war is short, but fierce. In the end, Theo is victorious largely due to the support of the royal army. Rayem takes what is left of his forces and travels into the Tu’lanain Desert.

11: Despite his best efforts, Theo is unable to hold the southern parts of Ethorica as the lords begin rebel against him and form their own kingdoms.

20: Murmurs of rebellion within the Empire cause Theo to try and discredit those lords who speak against him. This quiets down

38: Emperor Theo dies. His son, Alof, takes the throne. He takes the steps his father refused to and begins a manhunt to eliminate those lords who spoke against his father. His attempts backfire and spark a rebellion within the Empire. The war is long and draw out; slowly more and more of the Empire breaks off and starts their own kingdoms.

42: The Empire loses all of its Eastern lords. Those remaining loyal to the Emperor beg him to abandoned the royal city on the Isle of Carthak. He refuses, claiming that leaving his seat will convey that he has given up on the Empire.

44: The rebel forces are joined by the armies of the Southern Kingdoms. Together, they defeat the defenders of the royal city and sack it. The Emperor’s must trusted bodyguard try to sneak him out of the city but he refuses to leave; instead he stays to fight and die alongside his men. His last command is to order his bodyguard to take his newborn son, Lartan, and hid in the house of his cousin in Gaylath. With the Empire crushed the Western lords surrender and form their own kindgoms.

60: Lartan, finally of age, begins to conspire with his cousin to rebuild the Empire. He is smart and charismatic like his great-grandfather and is able to bring many of the western lords into his fold.

62: His plans about come into fruition, Lartan is betrayed by his cousin to the many lords and kings of the Middlelands. Now knowing a heir to the throne exists, they march upon Gaylath to kill him. Lartan flees with his most loyal forces into the Cursed Woods where he disappears.

Six generations have passed since the fleeing of Lartan. Since then, there have been many wars between the kingdoms; far too many to list in these histories. The current time sees peace between the Middle Kingdoms, while most of the South and North kingdoms squabble amongst themselves quite regularly. The current year is 542.

Age of Kingdoms

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