Age of Magic

The Age of Magic begins with Humans spreading out upon Ethorica. Many villages come and go, and eventually cities emerge. These cities form city-states that remain in constant competition with one another for many years. Somewhere around 250 AoM is when the first of the sorcerers appear on Ethorica. It is greatly debated where they gained magic from; some claimed dragons, others from some Old God, still some hypothesized they found a catch of rogue magic left over from the creation of Itock.

285: The Sorcerer War begins. The city-states are no match to their magic and armies so they until forces in hopes to defeat them. They submit to defeat 5 years later.

290: Sorcerers, being unreliable in large numbers, turn on each other. Select groups split off and divide the city-states up between themselves. The war continues and much devastation is wrought by the magic of mortals.

331: A rebel group of Humans hiding out in the Elven ruins within the Tunarana forest, desperate for a way to defeat their Sorcerer overloads begin praying to the Gods in hopes of aid.

341: The Humans emerge from Tunarana and reveal that they have magic magic for the first time. They call themselves Wizards.

365: Losing, the remaining Sorcerers once again ban together to repel the rebels.

398: The Sorcerers are defeated. Those remaining alive are subjected to spellcurse performed by the Wizards that causes them to lose much of their former power. The Wizards begin to rebuild Ethorica. Many cities are rebuilt and an era of peace begins.

415: The Grand Magic College is built within the Karcak Mountains. It leads to many magical discoveries, including the 6 schools of magic.

418: All of the Human cities are united into one nation; governed by a council of Wizards.

Thus the Age of Magic ends

Age of Magic

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