Age of War

The Age of War begins, naturally, with war, The War of the Elements specifically. It starts with a series of raids along the southern coast of Ethorica. The Wizard Council, despite their best efforts, are unable to determine who is orchestrating the attacks and where they are origination from.

15: A large fleet lands on the tip of the Whenlah Peninsula. The army the ships carry easily overrun the city there. The invaders wield powerful magic not seen for many years. The build a city from the ruins of the old and use it as landing point for the next few years as more troops land.

18: The invaders slowly spread across the peninsula. The Council learns that the army is lead by four Sorcerers, in modern times now called ‘The Four’, rumored to control the elements themselves. The keep this information hidden in fear that the Sorcerers left within Ethorica will quickly join their forces in hopes to restore their former power.

25: In this year the first of the Elemental Blades, the elite vanguard of the Four, arrive. They quickly break through the defenders and the army begins its push into the heartland of Ethorica. A year later, enough of the general populace has seen what The Four were capable of that Sorcerers finally get wind of their power and, as predicted, join the army. The council rounds up as many known Sorcerers as possible and lock them up deep within the bowels of the Grand Magic College.

31: In an effort to stem the invasion, the Wizards begins training elite battlemages, masters of both magic and combat, as a counter to the Elemental Blades.

60: The first Battlemages enter the war. Despite their impressive skills, they do little to hold delay the invasion as The Four push their into what is currently called the Middlelands.

86: The Council, after spending years of debating what to do over the invaders, decides on a drastic plan. Those that disagree splinter from the Wizards and disappear into the north. The Council performs a replica of the one performed many years ago against the first Sorcerers. But it goes awry and causes drastic damage to invader and defenders alike. Despite their losses, the Wizards consider the strike a victory as The Four retreat for the first time in years.

88: The Four make a daring move and split there forces, one army matching up the western coast while the other made a push along the Karcak Mountains towards the Grand Magic College.

89: The western invasion begins to lose momentum and hits a standstill. Sensing a swing in the tides, the defenders of Ethroica send many Wizards and Battlemages to the front lines and drive the the two members of the The Four back. The other army reaches the college but are unable to penetrate its defenses. Forces close in behind them to eliminate the army.

90: The Week of Death begins. Forces awake at the college to find the army at their doorstep vanished. They have little time to ponder as The Four appear in the field. A ritual is performed and the heavens themselves are ripped open, raining powerful magics onto the unsuspecting forces and college below. It continues for an entire week; nothing is left but a smoldering crater when the chaos ends. The magic released by the destruction of the college taints the forest and land around it. The forest is now called The Cursed Woods

91: With the college gone, the Four easily take the rest of the Middlelands. With barely any resistance left they turn their eyes north, and prepare their forces for the final leg of the campaign. They send out Elemental Blades to scout the north, but they don’t return.

92: An army appears from the north, consisting of Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and even some Orcs. They are lead by the Wizard Garland Ne’vian who lead the council outcast into exile. The army takes the Four by surprise and take the front lines with minimal losses; the invaders are once again pushed back.

95: The success comes to standstill as Garland Ne’vian disappears along with several of his closest allies

97: What is known as the final battle begins on the Plains of Hevah. The battle last almost a week with a series of attacks and counters by both sides; neither seems to make any headway upon the other. On the final day, The Four entered the fray themselves, their presence and magic immediately felt as the defenders were easily pushed back. When it seemed that all hope was lot, Garland and his allies returned, bring their fury to bear upon the invaders. Garland called around him all the remain Wizards within his ranks and asked of them to surrender all their magic to him. They did as requested, and Garland performed a magic that has not been seen upon Ethorica since. His single spell defeated the Four and their magics, and killed the hero in the process.

98: With Garland dead, his closest friend Artan Devanad took control of the remianing forces and through the next few years pushed the remaining invaders back to the coast. There those that could not flee to the seas were slaughtered. However, it is rumored a few Elemental Blades escaped and have since hidden within Ethorica biding their time.

Thus ends the Age of War

Age of War

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