Avariels are a type of elf. They are a winged elf also descended the Ithilah. Looking like angels with their majestic wings, Avariels have much more of the physical characteristics of the People of the Stars than the other elves. During the age of the gods there were new races populating the entire world of Itock. With the exception of the elves and their sub races most of them were barbaric and ignorant. Avariels, being descendants of the Ithilah were civilized and educated. This combined with their flight and beauty caused the Avariels to look down upon the other races, even other elves as inferior.

These new young races saw the flying elves and were amazed at their beauty. In their ignorance theses races, mainly the humans, believed the Avariels to be angels. Thinking they were servants of the gods with direct contact to them. The humans also believed these winged elves were gifted with heavenly magic and spiritual knowledge. With this in mind the Avariels began to be hunted by the humans. It was thought to be a testament of great strength if you could defeat an angel and upon killing one their power and knowledge would be transferred to the hunter. The Avariels ceased as much contact with the humans as possible and tried to limit their contact to slightly more intelligent races and elves.

The elves, however, were not fond of their flying counter parts. Jealous of the Avariels’ flight and annoyed with their superior attitude the elvan sub races started spreading rumors to about the Avariels. The other elves told those smart enough to know the Avariel were not angels that they were in fact no smarter than a crow. Just large birds with tiny minds looking to eat the crops. Those believing this killed any winged elf on sight fearing their farm and food was in danger.

Being sought out anf killed from many different areas the Avariels were heading for extinction fast. With numbers low they fled to the remote parts of the world. Seeking out high ground were they knew they would be the only ones who could access the area they created new homes. Separated from the world and other Avariels, isolated communes were developed. Strict rules were put in place limiting all contact with other races in order to preserve and re-flourish their own kind.

Today these communes still exist. The number of Avariels has increased greatly but not any where near the amount they once had. None of the communes have any knowledge of the others and all Avariels grow up believing their home may be the last of their race. Few have started to interacting with the other races. They feel as if enough time has passed and they are ready to forgive. They still live in their isolated commune but frequently leave to trade or adventure with other races. The humans have grow and become much wiser understanding the winged elves are peers. Most elves have acknowledged the errors in their ancestors’ ways and some even feel guilt about what has happened. With as limited contact as there has been the winged elves have become mostly myth. Very few have actual interaction with them and stories of seeing one have been excused as fairy tales. Most of the communes still only interact with themselves and have strict rules against the outside world. No one knows how many of these communes exist throughout Itock.


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