In the early years of Itock, when the young gods had just come to power, Huthor looked down upon the world and was displeased with what he saw. Itock was filled with many diverse races, and all seemed filled with hate and animosity towards each other. Being a God of Peace this angered him, so he sought to bring peace to all of Itock. Huthor’s plan was to create a new race, he decided to take the best attributes of all the current races and combine them into one creature; a strong and intelligent creature with the intention to lead the others and unite the world.

Huthor set off at once to begin this difficult task; however, he was not experience or blessed in creation like Eva. So he plucked up a middle aged human and an elf, putting their souls inside a mighty steed. With his creature complete, he placed on Itock. While Huthor’s intentions were pure and good, the manner in which he created his race was flawed. The personalities of the elf and human were still intact and with it their memories. With two souls sharing one body, both fought the other for control. The subconscious struggle between the two brought confusion, anger, fear, and eventually madness to the poor creature; in its maddened state it one day ran off a waterfall, ending its existence.

Still determined to bring peace to the world, Huthor set off to try again, this time with a different plan. He decided to emulate the traits he found most admirable in the races and combine them into one being. He took the power and strength from the horse, the cunningness and warm-heartedness of a human, and the wisdom, long life, and the respect for the nature of the world of from an elf. With these attributes in mind he started the physical features. The body he made of a horse but where its chest would begin there was instead a torso of a man. He looked at his creation and was pleased and called it a ‘Centaur’

Huthor placed his newly formed race on the world to flourish; unfortunately the reception was not what he had intended. The other races rejected the centaurs instead of following their example to coexist. The humans regarded them as monsters, and the more prestigious elves looked down upon them as savages. Though they were strong, the Centaurs lacked the mobility and fine motor skills the other races had. They were often clumsy and weren’t welcome in towns. Driven out of civilization, their instincts lead them into the plans and forests, where they set out to carve their own society. Huthor, embarrassed by his failure, never admitted to creating the Centaurs. To this day the race remains one of Ethorica’s greatest mysteries.

Life and Society

Since the Centaurs don’t know their true origin they tend not to follow any particular God. There are a few packs that have chosen Corelian to worship, mostly through the influence of the elves they trade with. Others worship Marias or the Old Gods. Most of the packs have limited interaction with the other races and tend to keep to themselves. Because of this Centaurs have become somewhat of a myth in the places of Ethorica where they are rare. Even to those that have had contact with them, Centaurs are still seen as a mystery as their ways are rather foreign.

Centaurs live in packs, generally consisting of 30-40 Centaurs. There is no real infrastructure or law’ it is closer to a commune with each Centaur equally participating to better everyone. However, there are leaders within each pack but they aren’t there to enforce law or carry out punishment but to guide the pack in everyone’s best interest. These leaders are generally druids and are also the designated spokesman for the pack. Most Centaurs have the same behaviors but there is the occasional adventurous one. These Centaurs do their best to fit in and benefit the pack but most likely they will leave the pack to explore the greater world.

Since Centaurs have a difficult time maneuvering in small areas, they prefer bows and ranged combat where they are less likely to be surrounded by their opponents. Centaurs that live in plain lands will typically use a lance, though forest Centaurs will use them to charge as well if given a clear opening. Centaurs tend not to provoke battle but if they are opposed they will defend themselves and often retreat swiftly. A few Centaurs are very competitive and will seek out competition in battle. Due to their isolation, they do not often have large battles; however, packs often align to eliminate their most hated enemy, Gnolls.


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