Current Races

The race of Elves has become a fractious one. In Ethorica, they have two separate homelands. In the Northlands lies the forest of Ebur which is the ancestral home of Elves. Currently, it is ruled by the Ithilien and they continue their oppressive ways against their own people, the Avahlah.

In the south of the Middlelands lies the Svalah forest. There lies an Elven refuge for those that have been banished from their homeland or those that could no longer take the rank of second class. The Elves that live here have taken no ancient designation and consider themselves the true Elves.

The ancient Ocellah are rarely seen but it is know that they hide beneath the earth, waiting to rise and take revenge upon the surface.

Race Relations
While there are variations, relations depend on where the Elf in question hail from. Those from Ebur (assuming they are Ithilien) consider themselves better than other races. That being said, most are hospitable even if they are cold and aloof. True Avahlah are generally meek and quiet no matter who they are dealing with.

Those Elves that hail from Svalah are generally more friendly, though they are still fiercely passionate and independent. Most Elves still hold onto the ancient treaty with Dwarves and hold them in higher regard than other races and will go out of their way to help one in great need.

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Since the loss of their Great King, the race of Dwarves has seen a steady decline. Without set rulers, they’ve focused on protecting their own clan first and other Dwarves second. As a result, many ancestral kingdoms have been lost to dark powers rising from the earth.

Those that lost their clan homelands now live upon the surface. These clans have become a race of nomads and traders. Roaming the lands, the clans move from place to place and will trade with anyone. Sometimes they come across a spot where trade is particularly good or valuable resources are plentiful. In those cases they clan will stop and built a settlement. However, these are temporary homes at best as the clan will eventually move on. There are some permanent Dwarf settlements in the Southlands but they are rare. The clans that still reside in their old halls are shut-ins; rarely do they have interactions with the surface.

Race Relations
There’s a saying in the Southlands: “No one hates a Dwarf more than a Dwarf” and that saying has some truth behind it. Most Dwarves will not get along with others outside their clan; depending on the others lineage they may be content with hurling insults and shouting empty threats. However, if the two clans have a deep-seated hatred for one another bloodshed will erupt almost immediately.

For other races, Dwarves get along with mostly everyone, even if they are gruff with them. Elves are an exception due to their ancient history; a Dwarf will help an Elf with only minimal complaint. They do have a strong dislike of Goblins and would be just as happy beheading those that claim friendly intentions than to trade with them.

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Humans are a varied and diverse bunch. Thanks to their history of them as a race, they are fracture over many kingdoms and areas. This makes it hard to peg down the ‘standard’ Human. However, they do all have a drive to improve their life and surroundings (they just tend to disagree on how to do so)

Race Relations.
Being such a diverse people means that relations with other races depends on the individual. They do generally get along with others.

While their origins are debated, Gnomes are the intellectuals of the world. While noted for their wisdom, they are also quite the tricksters particularly the younger among them. Their racial homeland is a large island off the coast of the Midlands but they are keen on travel and can be found mostly everywhere.

Race Relations
Given their friendly disposition, Gnomes get along with every race as a whole. Similar to humans, its more on an individual basis as to who they may have problems with

Halflings were a fun and carefree people, until the Four can to Ethorica. After their homes were burned and they were almost hunted to extinction, the short folk changed their outlook. Now they are a harsh and fierce people. They have rebuilt their villages but are wary of strangers. They will go out of their way to help one another.

Race Relations
While not openly hostile with other races, Halflings don’t trust them and generally stick to themselves as they blame the other races for their near eradication. Occasionally one may form a bond with an outsider; in this case they defend their new found friend as fiercely as if they were of the same blood.

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There are two types of Goblins present in Itock. The first, and most prevalent by far, are the typical raid and pillage types. However, there also exist and island in the Southlands where Goblins of a more ‘civilized’ nature reside. These cunning and crafty members of the race have managed to form a society, though a chaotic one.

Goblins are willing to get along with just about everyone, though most have problems trusty these reformed humanoids. Still, their dangerous but extremely powerful inventions have made the races grudgingly put up with them. Goblins hate Orcs and therefore have troubles with those of an Orc lineage

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Current Races

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